NetEase Foreign Trade Training: AI Website Building-Practical Course

NetEase Foreign Trade AI Website Building is a platform focused on helping foreign trade companies build corporate websites quickly and efficiently. The following is a detailed summary of its features and functions:

1. Platform Overview

NetEase Foreign Trade AI website building platform uses advanced AI technology to provide foreign trade companies with a one-click solution to generate corporate websites that meet the browsing habits of foreign buyers without technical or design experience. Through this platform, companies can quickly build high-quality, professional websites to enhance their brand image and competitiveness in overseas markets.

2. Main functions and features

  1. AI intelligent website building:
    • Based on the company's industry, product and other information, the platform uses AI capabilities to quickly generate matching graphic and text content to help companies quickly complete the construction of their website.
    • AI website building improves website building efficiency and reduces labor costs.
  2. One-click use of templates:
    • The platform provides 2,000 sets of exquisite templates covering 60+ large industries and 150+ small industries for users to choose from.
    • Users can select appropriate templates according to their own needs by industry/type with one click and quickly build a website that meets the requirements.
  3. Free editing and modification:
    • The platform also provides a powerful website editor, allowing users to freely adjust page layout, edit content, etc. according to business needs.
    • Users can give full play to their creativity and create unique corporate websites.
  4. Open up customer acquisition scenarios:
    • The platform is connected to the email marketing scenario of NetEase Foreign Trade. Users can add pictures, product introductions and links to the email body with one click to achieve efficient customer acquisition.
    • At the same time, the platform also supports in-depth connections with overseas social media channels to help companies automatically promote products and marketing on social media platforms.
  5. Data recording and analysis:
    • The platform can record the full link data of official website visits, helping enterprises understand the details of each official website and users.
    • Through the analysis of data, companies can better formulate marketing strategies, optimize website structure, and improve conversion rates.

3. Advantages and Value

  1. Efficient and convenient: Use AI technology to quickly build a website, reducing labor costs and time costs.
  2. Specialization: Provide corporate website solutions that meet the browsing habits of foreign buyers to enhance brand image and competitiveness.
  3. Marketing empowerment: A variety of built-in marketing tools and functions help companies achieve efficient customer acquisition and brand promotion.
  4. Global support: Provide overseas acceleration nodes and intelligent matching servers to ensure global barrier-free access and user experience.

In short, NetEase Foreign Trade AI website building platform provides foreign trade companies with an efficient, convenient and professional website building solution. Through this platform, companies can quickly build websites that meet the requirements, and achieve rapid expansion and performance improvement in overseas markets through marketing empowerment and global support.

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