NetEase Foreign Trade Training: How to use WhatsApp group messaging to gain customers?

When NetEase Foreign Trade uses WhatsApp group messaging to acquire customers, it can combine WhatsApp’s group messaging function and some strategies to achieve efficient customer acquisition. Here are some specific steps and suggestions:

1. Establish target customer groups

  1. Determine target customers: clarify the main audience groups of products or services, such as industry, region, potential demand, etc.
  2. Collect customer data: Collect target customer data, including WhatsApp contact information, through market research, online searches, exhibitions, etc.

2. Prepare content for group sending

  1. Customized content: Customize attractive bulk content based on the needs and interests of target customers, such as product introductions, promotions, industry information, etc.
  2. Be concise and clear: The content should be concise and clear, highlight the key points, and avoid lengthy or complex expressions.
  3. Illustrations and text: Combine multimedia elements such as pictures and videos to enhance the attractiveness and readability of the content.

3. Use WhatsApp group messaging function

  1. Directly select contacts for group sending: In the WhatsApp chat interface, select multiple contacts by long pressing, then enter the content and send. This method is suitable for situations where the number of contacts is small.
  2. Use the group function for mass messaging: Create a WhatsApp group, add target customers to the group, and then send messages within the group. This method allows you to send messages to multiple contacts at once, but you need to be careful not to disturb the customer too much.
  3. Use third-party WhatsApp group sending auxiliary tools: With the help of professional third-party group sending auxiliary tools (such as WADesk, Wandange, etc.), these tools can help you send group messages more efficiently, support scheduled sending, content recycling and other functions, and can also reduce the risk of being blocked. Risk of account ban.

4. Optimize mass sending strategy

  1. Scheduled sending: Consider the time difference issues in different countries and regions, choose a suitable sending time, and avoid disturbing customers during their rest time.
  2. Content updates: Update group content regularly to keep the content fresh and attractive.
  3. Data analysis: Understand customer feedback and effects on mass messaging through data analysis, and adjust mass messaging strategies and content based on data.

5. Things to note

  1. Comply with laws and regulations: During the mass posting process, you must abide by relevant laws, regulations and platform regulations, and do not publish illegal information.
  2. Respect customer privacy: Respect customer privacy and rights and do not disclose customer personal information.
  3. Avoid excessive interruption: During the mass sending process, pay attention to controlling the frequency and quantity of sending to avoid disturbing customers too much.

To sum up, when NetEase Foreign Trade uses WhatsApp mass messaging to acquire customers, it needs to establish target customer groups, prepare mass messaging content, use the WhatsApp mass messaging function, optimize mass messaging strategies, and pay attention to complying with relevant laws and regulations and respecting customer privacy. With reasonable strategies and tool support, you can achieve efficient customer acquisition and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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