NetEase Foreign Trade Training: Understand customer management and contract fulfillment from a full perspective

NetEase Foreign Trade provides comprehensive solutions in customer management and contract fulfillment. The following is a detailed analysis of these two aspects:

Customer Management

1. Customer information management

  • Create and view customers: In the customer management module, users can easily create new customer information, and view and edit customer details at any time to ensure the accuracy and real-time nature of the information.
  • Contact management: Support adding multiple contacts for each customer and setting a main contact to facilitate daily communication and follow-up with customers.
  • Data Integration: Provide users with panoramic information about customers by integrating data from different channels, such as emails, social media, etc.

2. Customer stratification and group management

  • Customer stratification: Based on customer purchase history, behavioral data, etc., customers are divided into different levels to facilitate subsequent precise marketing and services.
  • Group management: Supports custom group settings to facilitate users to centrally manage and market specific customer groups.

3. Customer journey records

  • Live Update: The system updates customer-enterprise communication records in real time, such as emails, social media messages, etc., to help users fully understand customer needs and dynamics.
  • Intelligent and perfect: Through data analysis and mining, customer details are automatically completed to ensure the integrity and accuracy of customer files.

4. Lead management

  • Automatic Identification: The system automatically identifies potential customer clues based on email characteristics, website building inquiries and other information to improve the efficiency and accuracy of clue acquisition.
  • Scoring mechanism: Intelligent scoring of leads to help users identify high-quality, high-potential customer leads.


1. Order monitoring

  • Full management: The entire process from order generation to delivery can be managed and tracked in the system to ensure timely processing and delivery of orders.
  • Visual interface: Provides a visual interface for order status, allowing users to check the progress and status of orders at any time.

2. Sales performance monitoring

  • real time feedback: The system provides real-time feedback on sales performance data to help users understand the achievement of sales targets.
  • trend analysis: Through the analysis of sales data, it helps users predict future sales trends and formulate more reasonable sales strategies.

3. Global customs data support

  • Data Integration: Integrate global customs data, provide users with the latest import and export information, and help users better grasp market dynamics.
  • policy support: Based on customs data, provide users with decision support and optimize supply chain management.

4. Fund settlement services

  • Multiple payment methods: Supports a variety of cross-border payment methods, such as credit cards, Alipay, etc., to meet the diverse payment needs of users.
  • Security: Provide safe fund settlement services to ensure the safety and convenience of transactions.

To sum up, NetEase Foreign Trade provides comprehensive, detailed and efficient solutions in customer management and contract fulfillment. By integrating data and intelligent technology, it helps users better understand customers, manage orders, monitor sales performance and provide fund settlement. services, thereby improving the company's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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